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Let’s simplify skincare but still make it beneficial! Our men’s collection is separated into 4 categories separated by Scent & Skin type!

•50 Shades ( Rustic Woods & Aspen)

•The Players Collection (Cedar-wood & Frankincense)

•Smooth Criminal (Sandalwood Vanilla & 1920 Scents)

•Fly Guy (Lemongrass & Frankincense)

We’ve formulated these for a luxury experience for every kind of KING there is.

Now you don’t have to worry about being crusty or dusty with our new Oil Moisturizer Collection created for all the Kings around the world.

These oil moisturizers are light weight and non clogging which makes it still helpful for people with Oily skin types! Don’t be afraid! You can still add moisture without it sitting on your face all day.

Apply 2-3 drops Daily as needed to the Face, Hair, Or body for instant deep hydration, glow, and moisture. Carry it with you everywhere you go!

Keep your Face & Beard on SLEEK (shine + fleek)

The Players Collection Face & Beard Oil

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