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Spa Etiquette

Please be ON TIME to your appointments and come CLEAN. Understand that ALL FEE'S will be charged to your card if applicable. Please READ EVERYTHING BEFORE BOOKING! 

A $20 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO BOOKING. ONLY $15 is transferred to your total deposit. (Deposits are transferable)

$15 CANCELLATION fee: This includes if you have to CANCEL your appointment the SAME day it was originally scheduled (rescheduling can only be done for the SAME DAY changing the TIME of your appointment ONLY. If the appointment DAY must be changed this is considered a CANCEL in my books and if i am not notified 24 HOURS PRIOR to your appointment day you will be charged $15. IF notified 24 hours in advance your DEPOSIT will stay active and be used to set up your NEW appointment. 

LATE FEES:If you are TEN MINUTES behind and you are not INSIDE at your scheduled time you will be charged $10

If you are 15 minutes or more late you will be asked to reschedule your time and/or day to the next available appointment, and be charged $10 to do so.

$10 FEE to RESCHEDULE the TIME ONLY meaning if you are behind scheduled time and cannot fall into the 10 minute grace period, you can change the time but will be required to pay $15 if you have to change the DAY if i am being notified the SAME DAY.

NO ADDITIONAL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME. Please respect my space, time, and privacy. NO children, ANYBODY not being serviced will be charged $10 PER PERSON (Children included) 

$25 extra to work on HOLIDAYS.  $20 EXTRA to be serviced while on your cycle ( YOU MUST notify me BEFORE your appointment day and time if you are on your cycle, i have the right to refuse service. ANY client wanting to be serviced on their cycle MUST WEAR A NEW TAMPON that MUST be inserted RIGHT before being serviced, no exceptions!

$10 ADDED to total for WAX clients whom have SHAVED in between waxes, never waxed before, or haven't waxed in over 2 months

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