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Greetings Kings and Queens! I am Tierra Tanai 26 Year Old Momtrepreneur, Owner and Operator of the Peace of Mind Spa & The Gifted Glow, All Natural Skin Care Company. I believe that “God created nature for a reason, we just use our GIFT for the GLOW”  I truly understand the power behind my purpose is to heal not only my community of people, but the world with my love, gifts, and knowledge.

Reflecting back to 2015, I decided to start on my holistic healing journey removing man made medicines out of of my life and using natures resources to create quality products for the Skin, Hair, and Body. Recently graduating my esthetician program, I plan to carry out the legacy of Nature’s Medicine in my skin care practices. “Peace of Mind Spa” came from my daughter “Harmony Peace” who brought me just that.  I create homemade products for ALL skin types and provide quality customer service educating you on holistic healing methods for the Mind, Body, and Skin. i encourage self love, and self confidence through skin care products, and services. Explore my services and products opening your mind to the power you hold within, Glow baby, Glow! 

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