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Let’s simplify skincare but still make it beneficial! Our men’s collection is separated into 4 categories separated by Scent & Skin type!

•50 Shades

•The Players Collection

•Smooth Criminal

•Fly Guy

We’ve formulated these Cleansers for a luxury experience for every kind of KING there is.

NO man likes to deal with in grown hairs, especially on his face. It’s clear to upkeep your royalty you must undergo Hair cuts/waxing/shaving. So we’ve created the perfect sugar scrubs to not only keep the hair on your face looking, and smelling good, but also protecting your skin the long way! Exfoliating helps to keep your skin from becoming dry, dehydrated, and clogged which instantly creates white heads, black heads, acne, eczema, and dry skin!

Use every other day, after your face wash to prevent skin from looking lifeless. Exfoliating helps give your skin LIFE & a more rejuvenated feel. Exfoliating is needed for the entire Face, & Body. These scrubs are safe, natural, and effective to use for your Genital Area also to prevent irritation from hair growing back in!

Kingly Men’s Scrub

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