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(Face Mask)Our honey & lemon facial mask is excellent for rejuvenating the skin, softening the face, and reducing Acne,  redness and overall inflammation to the skin.After exfoliation or extractions  use this mask to “calm” the skin down heal any open wounds, scarring, dark marks over time. Apply this mask with a cosmetic brush to the face and let sit for 20-30 minutes, rinse well and damp dry. Follow up with a toner and Apply 1 of our moisturizers fitting for your skin type after, to hydrate the skin.Recommended 3-4x a week. Shake well before use. 

“Angel Face”

  • ✨ Please store products in a COOL area away from the heat. ✨


    Do NOT pick at your skin. If you do not have the proper skills or tools to perform a proper extraction you can damage blood vessels/pores causing dark marks & scarring to the face.


    Please give your honest reviews on the products you purchase. Your feedback is VERY important to me. Thank you for supporting and if you have any questions, comments, concerns with any of the products please contact myself, the owner (Tierra) via email or follow us on Instagram @PeaceofMindDaySpa @TheGiftedGlow 

    God bless and thank you again for your support! Enjoy your products!

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