Keep your kitty pretty with these ALL NATURAL PH balancing, lightening, and hydrating products that also aid in reducing in-grown hair bumps, blackheads, dryness, fishy smells, redness & swelling. INCLUDES: •Coochie (Cleanser) Birthday Cake (Scrub) • Pretty Kitty (Mask) •Sweet Treat (Oil) •Flower Child (Bath Salt) •Cat Pack (Yoni Herbs) Use the scrubs to exfoliate the vagina 2-3x a week. Remaining consistent reduces the chances of in-grown hair and blackheads that can appear during waxing/shaving. Use the mask to help tone and lighten the area, also minimizing the pores. Follow up with our Sweet Treats Moisturizer. To upgrade your experience conduct an in-home YONI STEAM or YONI BATH using both our herbs and bath salts provided.