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You want broke Pu$$y or MILLION DOLLAR COOCHIE? Upgrade your experience! There’s nothing funny about not caring for yourself properly. Take care of what takes care of you!

Keep your kitty pretty with these ALL NATURAL PH balancing, lightening, and hydrating products that also aid in reducing in-grown hair bumps, blackheads, dryness, fishy smells, redness & swelling. INCLUDES: •Coochie (Cleanser) Pu$$Y Fairy (Scrub) • Pretty Kitty (Mask) •Sweet Treat (Oil) •Better Days & Cat Pack (Yoni Herbs) •Pre Game (Bath Salt) Use the scrubs to exfoliate the vagina 2-3x a week. Remaining consistent reduces the chances of in-grown hair and blackheads that can appear during waxing/shaving. Use the mask to help tone and lighten the area, also minimizing the pores. Follow up with our Sweet Treats Moisturizer. To upgrade your experience conduct an in-home YONI STEAM or YONI BATH using both our herbs and bath salts provided.

Luxury Coochie Kit

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