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It’s an Island Ting Aye? Step into your inner Caribbean with this Multi-Blend Sugar Scrub combing Chaisty, Pound Cake, & Cafè ALL IN ONE giving the ultimate exfoliation experience for those suffering DRY, ACNE, ROUGH skin. This is our 2nd most abrasive scrub fighting TOUGH to break down build up & work to reverse any acne or oil build up, bringing all skin problems to the surface making it easier to clean out the pores! This scrub must be applied to damp skin, scrubbing through with your hands for 5-15 minutes allowing to sit so the essential oils can fight off the bacteria and allowing the almond oil to hydrate the skin properly. Remove with Luke warm water following up with a face mask, toner, and moisturizer. (Exfoliating is the 2nd step after cleansing the skin) Use 2-3x weekly. 3-4x for dry/acne prone skin types, reducing with improved results. 

Island Girl

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