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Let’s simplify skincare but still make it beneficial! Our men’s collection is separated into 4 categories separated by Scent & Skin type!

•50 Shades ( Rustic Woods & Aspen)

•The Players Collection (Cedar-wood & Frankincense)

•Smooth Criminal (Sandalwood Vanilla & 1920 Scents)

•Fly Guy (Lemongrass & Frankincense)

We’ve formulated these for a luxury experience for every kind of KING there is.

Here’s to Healthy GLOWING skin without the oily look.

This cool face mist is the final step of your skin care regimen. It’s use is to protect the skin & minimize pores while providing you with the most essential “After Glow” helping to penetrate the products from the skin care steps before and sealing your glow. If you’re someone that deals with excessive oiliness or shiny skin this can be replaced and/or used in place of a Moisturizer! It heals, hydrates, and glows the skin naturally and it’s light weight! Perfect for ALL skin types!

Wether you’re active in sports, working, or just being an at home dad, this quick spray on the go moisturizer is the perfect fit for you!

Recommended daily after applying your moisturizer or as needed.

Fly Guy Toner Spray

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