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Full Skin Care Regimen for specific skin types. Consisting of a

•Cleanser (Twice Daily)

•Exfoliating Scrub (2-3x a week)

•Face Mask (3-4x a week)

•Toner (Daily or as needed)

•Moisturizer (Daily)


•Sunshine (Cleanser)

•Chaisty (Exfoliating Scrub)

•Angel Face (Honey & Lemon Mask)

•After Glow (Toner)

•Sweet Vibes (Moisturizer)

This is the correct order for what a proper facial / skin care routine should provide, in that order.

Having a hard time figuring out which products to select for your skin type? Having an even harder time figuring out your skin type? No worries! Book a Skin Consultation today! I’ve created personal packages specifically aiming at each skin type. These products will help you focus on a strict skin care routine without the hassle of going through a “test and trial” bases with your skin!


  • ✨ Please store products in a COOL area away from the heat. ✨


    Do NOT pick at your skin. If you do not have the proper skills or tools to perform a proper extraction you can damage blood vessels/pores causing dark marks & scarring to the face.


    Please give your honest reviews on the products you purchase. Your feedback is VERY important to me. Thank you for supporting and if you have any questions, comments, concerns with any of the products please contact myself, the owner (Tierra) via email or follow us on Instagram @PeaceofMindDaySpa @TheGiftedGlow 

    God bless and thank you again for your support! Enjoy your products!



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