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(Exfoliate Scrub)   Our 3in1 Sweet like a treat! Step into our RAW Cane, brown sugar, and Chai  blend exfoliating sugar scrub. This light scrub is perfect for Normal to Combination Skin Types! Neutral and hydrating!    Apply to damp skin, scrub the product into the skin, vigorously in areas with noticeable dryness or build up for 1-2 minutes. Allow product to sit for 5-15 minutes(Whichever you desire) After sitting rinse well with water or a WHITE wash cloth. (Color dye cloths can cause breakage to the skin/irritation) These exfoliating products remove dead skin, opens up the pores, reduces dark marks, and work as a hydrating agent! Recommended Use: 2-3x a Week.3-4x for more Dry/Acne Skin Types reducing use to 2-3x a week overtime with improving results.

Birthday Cake

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