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(Yoni Herbs)
The ultimate in home “Yoni Steam”

This blend focuses on natural healing of the vagina, overall relaxation, pleasurable sex, and bacteria infections Blended with  essential oils aiding in spiritually healing through the vagina. These herbs help to promote relaxation, tightness, moisturizing the walls of the vagina, and helping to reduce period cramping overtime.

How to use at home? 
Boil 6-8 cups of distilled or tap water for 20-30 min , add Yoni Herbs into boiling water adding (optional) Olive Oil, Vinegar, Essential Oils such as Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Bergamot, Cinnamon, etc. for better results. 
Pour into a heat protectant bowl/container, or keep in the pot. Sit over the Pot/Bowl/Yoni Stool for 20-30 Minutes, surrounding the area of your with a blanket to prevent steam loss. Once the steam runs out toss the bag and dump out the water. Herbs May also be used in a Yoni bath to help treat bacterial infections, yeast infections, knocked PH Balance, Fishy Smells, Infertility, Yoni Trauma, Vaginal trauma. Add Yoni Herbs removing them from the seal or adding them to a tea bag and seeping in the water. Adding essential oils, almond milk, vinegar, almond oil, olive oil. (Optional)

Recommend use once a month. The herbs can stay as a tea bag or can be removed and placed directly into the water.

Better Days

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