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Let’s simplify skincare but still make it beneficial! Our men’s collection is separated into 4 categories separated by Scent & Skin type!

•50 Shades ( Rustic Woods & Aspen)

•The Players Collection (Cedar-wood & Frankincense)

•Smooth Criminal (Sandalwood Vanilla & 1920 Scents)

•Fly Guy (Lemongrass & Frankincense)

We’ve formulated these for a luxury experience for every kind of KING there is.

Masturbation isn’t a crime! Not using the correct products for it is! This light weight and tingling oil will give you the perfect arousal you need to heighten your pleasure naturally. Not only that, it’s safe and effective for your partner!

Wether your “In” or “Near” protect your partner by using this oil to provide SAFE & non bacterial fun. This oil helps to prevent and reduce the chances of causing BV, or built up yeast in your partner. What goes on your skin sinks in your pores and during sex can be traveled to your partner. Have SAFE pleasure after dark with our lubricating oil.

After Dark Lubricating Oil

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